I received the Early Career Film Fellowship from the School of Media and Cultural Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and chose to make a documentary on the chars of the Brahmaputra in Northeast India.
This is the trailer for the resulting 46-minute film - 'Waiting for a Storm'. (Full film is available here)
The chars of the Brahmaputra are a curious geographical feature of the river - they are small, temporary land masses, almost like islands, that appear and disappear seasonally due to erosion. They are also places that many immigrant communities of Assam call home. They farm on the transient land masses and raise their families there as well.

'Waiting for a Storm' explores this ephemeral relationship between the chars and their residents through the prism of two different subjects - Amjad Ali, a farmer who lives on such a char and Sahjahan Hussain, a young activist from the mainland who is working for land rights of the char dwellers.
Through their voices, the film navigates questions of identity and reform. And as their paths converge, Amjad and Sahjahan's future remains as uncertain as the receding landscape surrounding them.


Films Division India, Mumbai, 2014
VIBGYOR, India, 2015
14th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, Bristol, 2015
Tales and Fables from India and Japan Film Festival, Tokyo, 2015
Der Kurzfilmtag, Dresden, 2015
Ethnographic Film Series, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, 2017
Water In Indian Cinema, Tagore Centre for Global Thought, King's India Institute (KCL), London, 2017

Director: Prachi Mokashi
Associate Director: Deepak Verma
Cinematographer: Prahlad Gopakumar
Second Unit Camera: Jyotirmoy Nayak
Sound Recordist: Rukmajit Barua
Sound Designer: Pramod Srinivasan
Music: Stuart DaCosta
Editor: Prachi Mokashi
Assistant Editors: Sagar Gadge, Ratul Deka
Translations: Mahan J. Dutta
Local Co-ordinator: Dinesh Kalita
Research Consultants: Arupjyoti Saikia, Junuka Deshpande
Fellowship Co-ordinator: Barsha Dey
Commissioning Editors: K.P. Jayasankar & Anjali Monteiro
Advisory Committee: Faiz Ullah, Nina Sabnani & Chandita Mukherjee