I was commissioned by the Epic channel in India to create a 22-minute pilot for a series that explored objects, concepts, and movements that were invented or discovered in India.

While it never went to series, I had the amazing opportunity to write and direct the pilot episode which explored the humble but innovative ‘living root bridges’ of Meghalaya, a Northeast Indian state.

This montage is an excerpt from this pilot episode.


Presenter: Gaurav Juyal
Directed by: Prachi Mokashi 
Executive Producer: Sarah DaCosta
Hindi Script Writer: Anurag Goswami
Cinematographer: Satchit Paulose
Camera Assistants: Rajesh Yadav, Anil Agrahari
Sound Recordist: Ravidev Singh
Editor: Prem Hessenkamp
Line Producers: Parul Sondh, Aditi Dave
Local Co-ordinators: Lurshai Pyngrope, Andrew Marbaniang
Local Hospitality: Travellers Bed & Breakfast, Shillong
Production Studio: Talking Heads
Client: Epic Channel